We placed this poem on the front of my mother’s funeral program last July. 



Butterflies blue

Butterflies still

Butterflies me and you

We are here for a while

Then we are gone,

But not forgotten.

For we will be changed into something more beautiful

Like a butterfly, we do not really die

But shed only our outer shell

Then we become more radiant

When in our glory

With Him we shall dwell.

So my child, do not grieve

When I say good-bye,

For to the children of God

Death has no sting. 

For we are transformed

Into new creatures

In garments of white

While singing His praises

We are filled with His light.


My mother received her heavenly promotion on July 30, 2005.  At 75 years young, she still made it a point to stay busy.  Work was just a part of her life.  She cooked, cleaned, did laundry, gardening, canning, paid bills, managed the household, took care of dad….you get the point.  What an extraordinary lady!  The character, morals, love, work ethic and personality I possess I owe to the Lord and what He accomplished through my mother.

I referenced in a message recently how my mother loved butterflies.  She had them in pictures, on the refrigerator, on the wall, practically everywhere you turned you saw butterflies.  On her memorial program we put her picture with butterflies on each page, along with the above poem.  On the inside of the casket my sister-in-law painted 9 butterflies, one for each child, she and dad.

Something happened the day following her funeral.  Some of my brothers and sisters had stayed behind to clean up the house.  Mom came from that generation that didn’t have much growing up so you “saved everything.”  Anyway, after an arduous day of cleaning, several of my siblings and one of my nephews was outside talking just before dusk.  While talking, an orange and black butterfly flew around Kyle (my nephew).  His immediate response was, “Look, there’s grandma!”  It went back to a second butterfly which stayed at a distance then proceeded to fly over to my brother Steve, landing on his cheek.  It was an interesting scenario because at his oldest daughter’s wedding, Steve had sung a song entitled, “Butterfly Kisses,”  a song about watching your child grow up and the butterfly kisses exchanged between the father and daughter.  The butterfly then went back to its partner then came to my sister Patsy and flew around her head.  It once again went back to its partner then came back and landed on my sister, Cathy’s, blouse.  She couldn’t understand why it would do such a thing when butterflies are usually attracted to bright colors and had on just a brown blouse.

NO!  I do not believe we come back, as Hindus mistakenly believe, in the form of another being or animal.  The Bible says, “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.”  I do not believe that was MOM in the butterfly.  What I do believe is that we have an amazingly wonderful God, one who has created all things beautiful.  We have a God who controls the heavens and the earth.  What I do believe is that God created a butterfly for the express purpose of sending a heavenly message to my brothers and sisters in such a unique way they would remember it the rest of their lives.  I believe God was telling them (us), “Your mother is OK.  She’s safe, she’s whole, she’s with me!  She’s in a more beautiful place.  Let your hearts rest in this truth.  And some day you will fly away with her into My presence.”

What a wonderful God we have who would create a butterfly to send a divine message to troubled hearts.  “Let not your heart be troubled.  You believe in God, believe also in Me.  In My Father’s house are many mansions….”  (John 14:1ff)

God still speaks.  Are you looking?  Are you listening?  Are you looking in His Word?  Are you going to His House?

“If you seek me with all your heart you shall find Me.”  (Deut. 4:29)


In Christ,  Bro.  Curtis Townley

   May 2019   
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